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What’s Karat Network
A fully decentralized data network that connects Web2 to Web3. Powered by MPC and ZK technologies.
Bridge Web2 data and Web3
Create verifiable credentials of your Web2 data
Authorize your data with confidence. Similar to the oAuth Flow
Data Sharing and Trading
Exchange values with the Network by providing data and interacting
Dual-NFT Token Design
Two NFT roles, one network
Secured by MPC
Access control secured by smart contract and MPC together
Sign in with Ethereum
Data ownership, protected with your Ethereum wallet
Future of data ownership
Bridge the gap between Web2 data and Web3 addresses
For Projects
Request insights from Karat Network
Understand the people behind the wallets
For Users
Authorize your data with confidence
Exchange values with the network by providing data and interacting
Our ecosystem partners
Choose your role and participate
Two NFTs, One Ecosystem Network powered by dual-NFT tokenomic design
・ Pay to mint ・ Tradable ・ Backed by referral number ・ For influential leaders
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Karat ID
・ Mint fee 5U ・ SoulBound Token ・ Backed by your credentials ・ For users
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Ready to join the mission?
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Web3 growth hacking with Karat dApps
Grow your community with our dApps. Powered by Web2 data from Karat network that’s coming soon
Karat Form
The simplest way to collect wallet addresses and social accounts for your NFT whitelist, raffle, and AMA.
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Wallet Dashboard
Explore in-depth insights with your customized wallet list, Galaxy campaign, or NFT
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Airdrop Launchpad
Send token or NFT airdrops to your community and potential audiences
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Our investors
Revolutionize and simplify how projects & individuals are able to utilize the vast network of on-chain data.
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